The Intricate Surfboard Art Of This Shapely Artist Is Making Waves Across The World

This artist not only flaunts the incredible artwork she draws onto surfboards but her surfboard abs too. Meet Jess Lambert, an Australian artist, and surfer based on the Gold Coast.

Jess is known for her intricate artwork that combines symmetrical linework and freehand spontaneous patterns that adorns the surfboards. She’s also as adept at painting large-scale wall murals. However, it’s not only her artwork that has made her famous around the world but her perfect 10 figure, which she doesn’t shy away from exhibiting in every photo frame of hers.

Born in 1990 in Maitland near Newcastle, Australia, she used to spend her weekends at the beach with her family. This is where she got introduced to the sport of surfing. She was completely taken up by this sport when she moved to Byron Bay, Australia. Says she, “Even if the water was freezing, I’d be in the water!”

Jess’s inspiration comes from her coastal surroundings and the exciting lifestyle she leads. On the art front, she is constantly experimenting to hone her unique style to produce incredible pieces of art. And she loves to share her works with as many people around the world as she possibly could.

What’s most surprising is Jess is not full time into her art but works as an employee in a surf shop in Byron Bay. Whatever she does is after her working hours and it’s her artistic eye and amazing intricate art that has turned her passion into a budding business.

Each piece that Jess paints meticulously tells a unique story. Little wonder her artwork is found in every corner of the world…Canada, China, Denmark, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Spain, Switzerland, United States to name a few and, of course, Australia. She still recalls the incredible feeling she experienced when she sent her the first board outside of Australia.

Of all the people who’ve commended her on her works, Jess was totally blown away when Kelly Slater told her that he’s a big fan of her artwork. If you’re wondering who is Kelly Slater, he’s an American professional surfer, who’s also an actor, model, author, innovator, environmental activist, and a businessman, who holds an unprecedented record of winning 11 world surfing championships. Jess gushes, “For Kelly to know what I do, it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Jess is popular all around the world for her artwork as also for her photogenic self. It comes as no surprise that she enjoys a following of over 93,000 fans on Instagram alone.

Jess Lambert: Website | Instagram

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